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Sexologist is a doctor who treats people from sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, sexual arousal disorders and male infertility from base root level; he must be master of hormones and must know how to regulate them. A good sexologist doctor should have the knowledge of diabetes , cardiology, gastroenterology, psychiatry ,and internal medicine without this he would not be able to treat people from sexual dysfunction or erectile dysfunction.

Dr Vinod Raina is an well know sexologist in Delhi, India. He has treated more than 120000 patients from last 14 years of clinical Prentice in sexology, he knows how to treat people from sever sexual disorders. Dr Vinod Raina has been awarded as best sexologist in Delhi in year 2012,2013,2104,2015 and more over he has been given award of Dr B R Ambadekar Sewa Ratna Award 2012 for best sexologist in Delhi.

Dr Vinod Raina is often called by number of T V channels for interviews live on air, he is regular to India news, news nation, samachar plus, news express, sadna news, journalist in action and focus tv. Dr Vinod Raina does not dispense any drugs nor he gives any self made medication to patients, he believes that patient should be given prescription and medicines should be available at any medical stores so that the patient is able to get them very easily.

Dr Vinod Raina will always try to solve problem of sexual dysfunction from base root level by doing elaborate medical tests which gives us correct diagnosis and will treat the problem from base root level. Dr Vinod Raina is M.D in Internal Medicine and many certified courses related to different fields of medicine. You can call him on 7687878787 or 9871605858 or 9136363692