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Infertility in Males

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Infertility in males is caused by various factors, the main factor is oligospermia or azoospermia which means that the patient is not having enough number of sperms in the body or the patient is not able to manufacture any sperms in the body, it can be caused by severe stress or if that patient is smoking or chain smoker or the patient is drinking too much or he is having problems with carbohydrates, proteins or vitamins.

This can be treated by taking proper medication and we at bestdoctorsindelhi recommend patients to improve lifestyle, do exercise, walk for 45 minutes in early morning and take proper diet so that the problem is treated from base root level.

Maximum number of infertile couples are having problem in males not in females, it is because when the male is not able to give good quality sperm for fertilization how then the pregnancy will take place.

so in order to treat male infertility it is important to visit dr vinod raina best sexologist in Delhi personally and the problem will be solved, you can call dr vinod raina top sexologist in India on 9871605858.