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Dear Visitor, We, at Best Doctors in Delhi, believes that treatment for all Health problems should not only be done but should be done with complete transparency. TRANSPARENCY IS OUR POLICY. We do not believe in giving any self-manufactured drugs or dispense any drugs at our end.

We believe that in order to secure a patient’s trust and faith on us and to maintain it, it is essential that a patient should know what drugs he is taking. We, at Best Doctors In Delhi, PRESCRIBE drugs which are to be purchased from the chemist. We do not misuse hormones and sex stimulants. We do not believe in prescribing the same medicine for everyone. We do complete diagnosis of the problem on the basis of pathological tests, ultrasounds, sex counseling, clinical evaluation, history of patients disease, history of other diseases if any including diabetes blood pressure thyroid etc., misuse of sex stimulants in the recent past, misuse of Ayurvedic drugs over the counter drugs etc.

Dr Rainas Best Doctors In Delhi provide solution for all sex problems by best sexologist in Delhi India. Top most sexologist in Delhi India and Infertility specialists doctors in Delhi India diagnose your problems and provide effective solution keeping in mind your age, gender, medical condition, etc.

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